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More and more vendors are reducing their sales staff and expecting members to place their orders online. Interprise Software gives members the ability to order from many vendors using a single intuitive website. Alternatively, members can upload a CSV file of orders that could have been generated from their POS system, or from Microsoft Excel.

All invoices are conveniently sorted to take advantage of payment discounts. In a central billing scenario, a member can pay invoices from all vendors with a single payment electronically or by check. Credits are automatically applied to the member’s next payment, regardless of which vendor is providing the credit.

The system enables a single member to maintain multiple locations, and define which users can view pricing, place orders, receive invoices, make payments, etc. Members can collaborate with other members on the message board, and view head office updates posted on their home page.

In addition to the automation provided for working with vendors, other members and head office, Interprise Software enables members to connect with their customers. A website is provided for each member that includes the products, services, map and store hours for each location. Additional resources and custom pages can be added with an intuitive, WYSIWYG content editor.

The business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce features enable members to sell their products online and process credit card payments using secured sockets layer (SSL) technology, the same security system used for online banking. Members can view, print, or download historic orders at any time, and a local application is also provided that will poll the server for new orders and download them automatically. Consumers can view the order status online and are emailed automatically when orders are processed by the member.

Because the entire system is integrated, members can setup their e-commerce store so that consumer orders for certain products automatically generate a purchase order with the corresponding vendor, who can ship the order to the store, or drop-ship it to the consumer on behalf of the member.

Whether placing orders with vendors, paying invoices to head office, customizing their website, or processing online orders from consumers, Interprise Software provides a comprehensive, integrated solution to meet all of the member’s enterprise software needs.