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History of Interprise Software

Before the days of eBay, Amazon and Google, commercial enterprise was strictly prohibited on the Internet. In 1995 the U.S. National Science Foundation finally ended the restrictions on commercial traffic, and in 1997 Interprise Software was launched. Interprise Software did not invent the concept of delivering enterprise software over the Internet, but we have been awarded over a dozen government research grants to perfect it. That's what has enabled us to provide enterprise-class functionality to nearly 100 customers over the Internet.

In 2002, Amazon.com launched Amazon Web Services and the term cloud computing began to make its way into the IT vocabulary. We were already convinced about the merits of cloud computing, but an introduction to a leading buying group later that year led to our greatest epiphany.

Although any company can benefit from cloud computing, group purchasing organizations (GPOs) represent a very unique opportunity. The relationships that they broker between buyers and sellers result in a distributed supply chain network that can only be automated economically with a cloud-based solution.

We did some research and found independent tools that could provide some automation, but no single integrated solution to automate the entire supply chain for a GPO. We met with leading cloud-based software providers to discuss the special needs of GPOs and could not find one that was willing to take on the challenge. It was then that we found our niche.

Interprise Software Today

Interprise Software is now the world's most comprehensive supply chain automation solution for buying groups, franchises, cooperatives and other group purchasing organizations. Imagine an integrated enterprise system so comprehensive that it completely automates the entire supply chain for head office, vendor and member companies.

Interprise Software includes all the features required for either direct or central billing supply chain automation, like EDI integration with vendors, online ordering, automated invoicing, calculation of central billing fees, sales and rebate reporting, etc. But it goes well beyond that, with integrated features like a customizable website and an accounting solution for head office, as well as collaboration tools for your entire group (e.g. message board, Intranet, and content manager).

Interprise Software was developed using native Internet technologies by our internal team of professional software engineers. That gives us the ability to customize the software to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes access to our industry-leading hosted software, as well as site monitoring, backups, system maintenance and technical support. Delivering SaaS is not only the most cost-effective strategy for our clients, but a very natural approach for our company. At Interprise Software, we have always had a passion for service, providing accurate and timely communication and delivering results on budget and on time, every time.

Core Values

Our objective is to maximize shareholder value while providing exemplary customer service, communicating with honesty, conducting our affairs with integrity and adhering to a strict code of ethics. We believe this can be achieved by respecting and valuing people, whether they are employees, customers, vendors, or other business partners.

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