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A Great Company…

Interprise Software is a refreshing alternative to other technology companies, which is why those who make the cut tend to stick around. In fact, the members of our team have been here for over 13 years, on average.

  • Great Environment – open concept office in the country and casual dress code
  • Great Management – if you have a better way, then we want to know about it
  • Great Track Record – over 17 years of Internet software development history
  • Great Opportunity – all the excitement of a startup, as we expand in both US and Canada

We are not just interested in hiring the best people to work for us, but also in being the best company to work for.

…with Great Jobs

We provide all our employees with a competitive salary, continuing education, performance bonuses, paid holidays, paid vacation, health benefits, drinks and snacks, books and resources, leading-edge equipment, a reliable network, a fast Internet connection, a comfortable work space... and anything else you need to be the best!

  • Great Hardware – quad-core machines with dual LCDs are standard issue
  • Great Technology – FOSS, Java, Web 2.0, Adobe
  • Great Training – professional development days to learn what YOU want
  • Great Projects – ability to work on lots of diverse, cutting-edge projects
  • Great Responsibility – each employee is a big part of a small team

…that’s Family Friendly!

Interprise Software is the family-friendly e-commerce website development company. We only hire the best people and then give them everything they need to achieve remarkable results. That does not include free breakfasts and dinners, because you should not be at work that long. It does not include weekly social events, because that would really cut into family time. What it does include is bi-weekly lunch meetings, monthly professional development (PD) days, occasional team building events, and annual family parties.

Not convinced? Read these quotes from former employees of a large IT firm with all the perks.

So, What’s the Catch?

You have to be the best! Interprise Software is a small company with big clients, such as Canada's largest photographic buying group with over 200 retail stores across Canada. That means that every person on our team plays a critical role.

If you like being a tiny part of a big company, then Interprise Software is not for you. If you thrive under lots of levels of management and politics, then please look elsewhere. If you are the type of person who does not have any particular area of expertise and just likes to fly under the radar, then you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you have the passion and skills to be one of the best in high-tech and don’t want to give up your life, then we should talk.

Interprise Software is...

  • Established
    Having been through the dot-com boom/bust, Interprise Software is not one of those volatile Internet start-ups.
  • Profitable
    We make sensible decisions that maximize profits, such as using great open source technologies.
  • Productive
    We don't believe in politics – if you have a better way of doing something, then we want to know about it.
  • Successful
    Interprise Software exists to serve our employees and investors, because it's all about people...

Interprise People are...

  • Assets
    Interprise people are a much bigger asset than anything found on our balance sheet.
  • The Best
    Each member of our team is passionate about being the best in their area of expertise.
  • Committed
    Interprise people are committed to the company and willing to make personal sacrifices when necessary.
  • Human
    Machines work around the clock, but we all have families and personal lives that are just as important.